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MEA-MFT's Work That Matters campaign

Celebrating the dignity and value of public service: That's the goal of MEA-MFT's award-winning Work That Matters campaign.


MEA-MFT launched a new phase of the campaign January 21, 2010, at a gala celebration in Helena, with the help of a special guest: Randi Weingarten, president of the AFT, one of MEA-MFT's two national affiliates.


WTM news: As the third in a series of work site tours, MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver and others toured several public employee work sites in Bozeman Sept 30 & Oct 1, 2010.


The tour visited Probation & Parole, Montana State University, Bozeman High School, Head Start, and the Dept. of Revenue. Other tours took place in Helena, Boulder, and Great Falls earlier this year.




The Work That Matters campaign puts a face -- literally -- on Montana public employees, introducing them to Montana's people.



Patti Boggess is one of featured members in MEA-MFT's Work That Matters campaign. Read the back of her postcard.


In these tough economic times, Montana has some important decisions to make. Montanans deserve to know what is at stake as our leaders decide whether or not to fund state services adequately.


Using postcards, radio spots, videos, newspaper ads, and other means, Work That Matters introduces Montanans to public employees in a wide variety of different jobs around the state.

They are just a sample of the thousands of dedicated public employees all over the state who make a difference every day in the lives of Montanans.

The economic link: Public services and programs have always played a fundamental role in building America’s economy. Public services pave the way for new innovations, new businesses and industries. Public services allow the middle class to thrive. Public services also help people get through tough times and get back on their feet – moving them from welfare to self-sufficiency.

Public services and programs exist to provide for the common good, to protect our communities, to address public problems before they occur. They are smart investments that end up paying for themselves. 


MEA-MFT created the Work That Matters campaign in 2003. The campaign ran during the 2003 Montana Legislature and several subsequent legislative sessions.


With this new phase, Work That Matters will run throughout 2010.


How can you help? Send names of people who would make great Work That Matters "postcard people" to Sanna Porte at


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