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Montana Teacher of the Year

There is no higher award for a Montana teacher than to be named Teacher of the Year. The Montana Teacher of the Year Program honors the contributions of Montana classroom teachers. It creates a visible and articulate community of award-winning educators who represent the best of the teaching profession.

The Montana Teacher of the Year serves as a spokesperson and advocate for the teaching profession and represents the state in the National Teacher of the Year event. 

Nominations are open for 2018 Montana Teacher of the Year.
Deadline for nominations: May 1, 2017

Congratulations to Kelly Elder, 2017 Montana Teacher of the Year! Read about Kelly here.

Jessica Anderson, 2016 Montana Teacher of the Year 

Craig Beals, 2015 Montana Teacher of the Year

Anna Baldwin of Arlee, 2014 Montana Teacher of the Year

Meet Eileen Sheehy of Billings, 2013 Montana Teacher of the Year. 



Tom Pedersen of Helena, Montana's 2012 Teacher of the Year.








Paul Andersen of Bozeman, Montana's 2011 Teacher of the Year.  



Math teacher Anne Keith of Bozeman, Montana’s 2010 Teacher of the Year.




Read about other recent Montana Teachers of the Year


Sally Broughton of Bozeman: Montana's 2009 Teacher of the Year


Steve Gardiner of Billings: Montana's 2008 Teacher of the Year.


Gary Carmichael of Whitefish: Montana's 2007 Teacher of the Year.


Debi Biegel of Bozeman: Montana's 2006 Teacher of the Year.


Mary Wren of Great Falls: Montana's 2005 Teacher of the Year.


Alyson Mike of East Helena: Montana's 2004 Teacher of the Year.


Jon Runnalls of Helena: Montana's 2003 Teacher of the Year.

Judie Woodhouse of Polson: Montana's 2002 Teacher of the Year.