2015 Karen Cox Memorial Grant awardees

(Partial list) 

Salish culture and earth science: Rebecca McGillivray of Hamilton Middle School used her grant to bring tribal elder Tim Ryan to teach students about traditional and contemporary uses of rocks and minerals. Nearly 150 students learned about geology, archeology, and indigenous culture.

Teaching weather: Yvette Jordan of Vaughn School District helped create “Tantalizing Temperatures,” a district-wide project that taught students about weather through math, reading, and writing. Her grant purchased materials for the project.

Reaching struggling readers: Gail Grossman of Riverside Middle School in Billings purchased Scholastic Action, a bimonthly magazine filled with articles designed to engage struggling middle school readers.

Humans & horses: Jeanne Cline of Custer County High School sent several students to the Pivotal Movements Equine Therapy Center in Miles City with her grant. “The goal is for students in the Emotional Education Program to develop healthy social and emotional skills,” she said.

Dogs and calculus: Birch Fett of Hamilton High School bought five T1-84 calculators for calculus class for the project “Do Dogs Know Calculus?” The project took calculus outside the classroom (and recruited Fett’s two Labrador retrievers).

Playing to learn: Children learn by playing, and kindergarten teacher Molly Kast of Rattlesnake Elementary in Missoula spent a lot of her own money to buy educational games and activities for her students. She needed more resources but couldn’t afford them. Her grant helped her buy math games, costumes and props, and much more.