Who's behind school privatization?

March 2013

MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver recently provided this explanation of the forces behind so-called "school choice" (privatization) --

Folks frequently ask me who really is behind the full-court press to destroy our public schools through tax credits, pay vouchers, and charters.

My short and simple (and today intentionally incomplete) answer is (1) corporate interests that see money to be made buying and selling our public schools, (2) theocrats determined to take taxpayer dollars to educate in their own faith-based way, and (3) libertarians who would build walls around their world view and to hell with the social compact.

Read below an example of a mix of theocratic/libertarian rant.

Be sure to check out the author’s credentials.

Nothing new here.  But note the author is not just ready to privatize, he wants to intimidate a sitting Montana state senator who has already this session voted FOR SB 81 (Lewis) to create tax credits for contributions to organizations to provide student scholarships to attend private and religious schools of choice.  SB 81 is potentially the most corrupt tax credit bill so far ever introduced in Montana legislative history. 

And, then, if the Senate Education Committee fails to do the right thing and table SB 374 (Lewis again) to create a parallel universe of taxpayer funded, virtually unregulated charter schools, Senator Tutvedt may soon face another nasty vote. 

If so, I hope he votes NO. Senator Tutvedt has nothing to gain attempting to appease the Montana Tea Party gang.  That’s the message they sent to him today.


Eric Feaver


Have schools been co-opted by liberal agenda?

GUEST OPINION – Daily Interlake – March 17, 2013


ABOUT THE AUTHOR Mark Agather, of Kalispell, is a member of the Northwest Montana Patriots Association. 

[Click here for more info about the Northwest Patriots Association. - http://www.teaparty911.com/info/groups/northwest_montana_patriots.htm]

The issue of school choice runs much deeper than it would at first appear. It is in response to the political monopoly of our educational system created by our government and funded mostly by forced taxation of our citizens.

Political monopolies are the most dangerous systems allowed to our governmental entities and should only be set up when there exist overriding issues relative to the public good. However, when implemented, it must be done with a clear and impenetrable firewall against any partisan political influence exerted inside of them. Otherwise the government is, in effect, using tax dollars of one group to support a political agenda of another group. This is clearly wrong.

Our K-12 educational community has long since breached that firewall. In fact our educational system is full of liberal political philosophies which include gender studies, feminism, sex education, acceptance of the homosexuality lifestyle, revisionist history, the neglect to explain the part that Christianity played in the founding of our country and the creation of our Constitution, and the unabashed promotion of “global warming,” which is a speculative and unproven conjecture to name a few.

For setting the standard of political partisanship, the University of Montana reigns supreme. The university is renowned for its liberal political views as its teachers and professors are almost totally inside of the left-wing agenda. In fact, the university is proud of the fact they are so liberal. No one in this state would question this conclusion.

Additionally, the time spent on the “politically correct” agenda has reduced emphasis on the core essentials of reading, writing, math and critical thinking skills so necessary to success in our world today. Many feel our public schools no longer attain to acceptable levels of education for our children because of their concentration on these subjects which, in turn, fuels a desire for alternative choices for their children.

Even though conservatives have presented their concerns about bias and blatant political agendas to the educational community, their wishes have been ignored as more than adequate funding has always been available and the majority of our representatives and senators have turned a blind eye to the “breach of the firewall.” In fact, I am amazed at how tolerant our conservative legislators have been in continuing to support the liberal educational system we have. Certainly, the left shows their lack of tolerance or consideration for these ever-growing issues as they steadfastly resist any support for school choice at all.

This system cannot continue as it is. It is unjust and unfair. Since the educational community cannot or will not change, school choice is the only alternative which would give our citizens a chance to choose a school without a liberal agenda inside of the curriculum and which fulfills the desire for superior educational results. If any of our elected officials voted against school choice and yet supported ever increasing funding for educational community whether K-12 or for the universities, it would rightfully be considered a vote for the liberal power structure and a vote against conservatives.

Sen. Tutvedt, are you listening?