MEA-MFT Mission Statement

As amended March 29, 2014 - MEA-MFT Representative Assembly

MEA-MFT advocates for our members, our communities, and the government we serve by promoting and advancing:

Strategic Objectives

• Free, quality, public education for all Montanans.

• Effective government and public service programs.

• A quality, affordable public university system.
• Competitive salaries, benefits, and retirement security through collective bargaining, contract maintenance, and political action.

• Professional standards through proper licensure and endorsement as well as quality professional development.

• A prepared, educated, empowered, and productive workforce.

• A culturally diverse workforce.

• Membership growth through effective recruiting, organizing, and training, while providing essential services and programs. 

• Identification, development and retention of effective leaders. 

• Public health and safety.

• Effective relationships with community-based organizations that share common values.

• Political candidates who support our values.