MEA-MFT Membership and
Agency Fee Payer Status

General Information and Categories


MEA-MFT membership is unified.  MEA-MFT members must be members of their local bargaining unit (if one exists where they work) and one or both of our two national affiliates – NEA and AFT.  


For 2014-15, depending on a member’s actual income, national affiliate dues range from $46 - $219.  Local affiliate dues range from almost nothing to over $100. 


Active – Active members enjoy all governance and program rights, privileges, and benefits.   Active members may also become retired members before actual retirement.  In this case, they remain active and pre-retired members.   


For 2014-15, depending on a member’s actual income, active MEA-MFT member dues range from $38 to $384.


Miscellaneous –“Miscellaneous” members are active members working in places with no local affiliate.  Miscellaneous members enjoy all active membership rights, privileges, and benefits. 


Miscellaneous members pay dues like all other active members except that they have no LOCAL dues obligation.


Retired MEA-MFT – Retired members who are no longer eligible for active membership may become retired MEA-MFT members.  Retired MEA-MFT members have limited rights, privileges, and benefits because of their retired status.  Retired MEA-MFT members must join for life. As stated above active members may join pre-retired MEA-MFT.


Retired membership requires a one-time-only dues payment that covers the life of the member. For 2014-15, the one-time-only payment is $510.  All retired MEA-MFT members and active members who wish to purchase pre-retired membership may purchase Retired MEA-MFT membership on a monthly payment plan during any one fiscal year, September 1 – August 31.


Substitute – Substitute teachers who are NOT eligible for active membership may become substitute members and receive limited governance and program rights, privileges, and benefits. 


MEA-MFT and national affiliate substitute member dues are $115 total.


Associate – Associate members have no rights and no benefits but do receive publications.


Associate member dues are $25.


Student – Student members have limited rights and benefits and receive publications.  When student members become active members they may receive a one-time-only $10 credit for each year of student membership.


MEA-MFT and national student member dues are $25.




Agency Fee – Agency fee payers are NOT members, but pay an agency fee to MEA-MFT to cover representation costs associated with defending and protecting their contractual rights.  MEA-MFT represents agency fee payers as required by state and federal law and collective bargaining agreements.  Otherwise agency fee payers enjoy no governance and program rights, no privileges, and no benefits. 


For 2014-15, depending on an agency fee payer’s actual income, MEA-MFT and national affiliate agency fees range from $52-397.