Will your local be represented at Rep. Assembly?

2015 Representative Assembly


March 27-28, Helena

All over Montana, MEA-MFT members are registering as delegates to the MEA-MFT Representative Assembly.
Does your local union have its full slate of delegates? Find out: Contact your local affiliate president. Or contact MEA-MFT (442-4250 or 1-800-398-0826 or email Becky Thomas – bthomas@mea-mft.org)

1. Who may be a delegate?
Any MEA-MFT member may be a delegate. No exceptions.  A member is a member is a member.

2. How many delegates does any one local affiliate have?
Basic rule is each and every local affiliate -- regardless of size -- is entitled to ONE delegate. Beyond that, local affiliates may have a delegate for every 25 members or greater fraction thereof.   MEA-MFT has 300 local affiliates. Most are entitled to at least ONE delegate. MEA-MFT reimburses travel and provides meals. The only expense the local affiliate or the delegate must cover is lodging.

3. Who might be an alternate delegate?
Any member may be an alternate and participate in all representative assembly events, but may not vote. 

Now just do it. REGISTER. Today. 1800 398 0826 or bthomas@mea-mft.org

About being a delegate
Delegates at our annual Representative Assembly have the last word in our union.  

• Delegates debate and establish the resolutions and legislation program of our union.

• Delegates decide our dues and budget.

• Delegates elect our officers. 

At the 2015 Representative Assembly, delegates will elect a new NEA director. The NEA director represents MEA-MFT members on the NEA board of directors. 

At this point in time, we have two candidates:  Amanda Curtis, Butte Teachers Union & Kate McAuliffe, Billings Education Association.  

Without delegates, your local union has no say.

In addition, delegates will elect a new director-at-large and odd-numbered cluster district chairs and vice chairs. 
And we have a full slate of GREAT speakers:  Governor Steve Bullock, Superintendent Denise Juneau, NEA President Lily Eskelsen-Garcia, and a surprise guest or two.

In addition, we'll celebrate the MEA-MFT members of the year and this year's MEA-MFT Hall of Fame inductees.

So, GET REGISTERED! See you at RA!
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