Teachers: take action on tenure bill

March 27 update: MEA-MFT has stopped this bill for now!



More information on the bill: 


SB 315 is totally unnecessary. 


Proponents of the bill can offer NO evidence that Montana's tenure statutes – so far as they apply to the termination of tenured teachers – have failed to work as intended.   


Proponents can offer NO good reasons for redefining good cause and truncating due process, except perhaps a lust for school trustee power to become all three:  judge, jury, and executioner. 


Proponents can offer NO evidence that MEA-MFT races one termination after another forward to the first arbitrator we can find. 


For the record, relatively few teacher terminations are ever appealed to arbitration. But when

they are, there is substantial reason for doing so. 


The right to arbitration compels school trustees to carefully consider and then terminate only for good cause. 


The right to arbitrate is at root the essence of due process. 





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