MEA-MFT Committee Weekend

One hundred MEA-MFT members from across Montana gathered in Helena Dec. 4-5, 2010, for MEA-MFT’s annual Committee Weekend. The event gives members a chance to speak out about what they want in their union.


Program and policy councils (PPCs), representing different MEA-MFT membership groups, analyzed MEA-MFT’s strengths and the challenges to come.


The PPCs and MEA-MFT’s usual standing committees developed recommendations for MEA-MFT’s annual Representative Assembly. PPC and standing committee reports will be posted on this MEA-MFT web site.


Participants also heard from legislators and Superintendent Denise Juneau about the upcoming legislative session. “We were pleased to hear that Denise, one of our members, is running for re-election,” said Feaver. “Her leadership in strengthening public education in Montana has been outstanding.”

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