Listen to Schoolhouse Talk

Schoolhouse Talk is a new Internet radio show that connects and engages people of all walks of life who care about public education. It's simple and easy to use. The National Education Association is a supporter of this project.


All that's required is a computer and an ordinary phone line. This first-of-its-kind radio program will bring together people on the front lines of education -- classroom leaders, policymakers, advocates, parents, students and communities -- to discuss the most important public education issues of our time.


Schoolhouse Talk informs listeners about what's happening in public education in Washington, DC and around the country; allows listeners to share information about schools in their own communities; and provides new on-line tools to share education reports, publications and resources.


Some of the first guests will include Linda Darling-Hammond, one of President Obama's top education advisors on his campaign; and Dana Goldstein, the American Prospect's education editor.


The free hour-long radio show features:
live interviews with key education policy makers
a news round-up summarizing weekly education events
stories about new and innovative approaches to public education
call-in opportunities for anyone who wants their voice to be heard on education issues.


Schoolhouse Talk will use its interactive website to expand its reach into communities through on-line social networking, news feeds, show streaming and podcasts.

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