Last charter school bill dies; two school privatization bill to go



Yesterday the last bill to create a parallel, expensive system of so-called "public" charter schools died in House Education Committee.


SB 374 (Lewis) was heard and then quickly tabled in the committee. "Proponents of blatantly outsourcing our public schools cashed in their chips for the session," said MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver.


MEA-MFT played a key role in amending the bill so that it fit with Montana's existing charter school rules, which simply require that any charter school must hire licensed teachers and be supervised by the state Board of Public Education and local school district.


This was not what charter school privateers wanted, so they opposed their original bill.


Tomorrow, April 12, the Senate Education Committee will hear HB 213 - one of the two remaining public school privatization bills left in this session. Stay posted. 


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