Important voting information

Which candidates support strong public education, quality public services, your rights on the job, and Montana's middle class?


The differences between candidates are stark on these issues!


MEA-MFT members and leaders carefully interviewed the candidates and researched their voting records, and their positions.


They endorsed candidates who support you and the important work you do for Montana's people. 


MEA-MFT has sent this information to our members in many different ways over the past months. Please take one more look at our endorsed candidates before you vote.


Above all, please do be sure to vote, if you have not already voted by mail.


Helpful information on voting:


• Not sure where you vote? You can find your polling place here. Click on "start"


• Want to check the status of your absentee ballot? Find out here.


• Still need to register to vote? You can late-register at your local county election office through close of polls on election day. Find where it is here.


• Want to see the voter information pamphlet? Find it here.

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