GABA hearing held today



The TRS GABA hearing was today. The PERS GABA hearing is scheduled for December 12 (more at the end of this posting).


In today's hearing, MEA-MFT's two excellent attorneys, Karl Englund and Jonathan McDonald, smartly presented our argument that HB 377, without reducing GABA, does everything the constitution and law requires: It amortizes the Teachers’ Retirement System. 


Consequently, the legislature crossed a bridge too far when, in addition to creating necessary and appropriate new funding for TRS, it ordered the TRS GABA be reduced 1% to .5% come January 1, 2014. 


So, to preclude this illegitimate, unnecessary, and unreasonable act from occurring, we are begging the court to provide us injunctive relief.


That was our argument along with a couple of zinging courtroom observations first by Karl Englund that the state has two problems with its argument defending the legislature’s egregious GABA attack: (paraphrasing) The law and the facts. 


And Jonathan McDonald, in response to the state attorney’s opinion that retirement benefits change just like health care insurance benefits: (again paraphrasing) Pensions are not dental health care plans that change every year. Pensions are for life.


Both parties will file post hearing briefs . . . and the judge promised to rule BEFORE the end of the year. 


Read news story here.


The PERS GABA hearing is Thursday, December 12, before a different judge, at which time the parties will plow old and new ground as we seek yet another preliminary injunction to prevent GABA reductions for thousands of retired public employees.



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