For state employees, it pays to be union


Survey finds union state employees enjoy better salaries than non-union


State employees with collective bargaining rights earn salaries up to 63 percent higher than their colleagues in states without collective bargaining. That's according to data collected by AFT Public Employees for its fourth annual compensation survey.


The data show, for example, that the weighted median salary for union bridge inspectors is 44 percent higher than their counterparts in states without collective bargaining rights.


Among correctional officers, the weighted median salary is 63 percent higher. Among senior environmental engineers, it is 11 percent higher.


In only two of the 44 jobs surveyed were union salaries lower, and then by less than 3 percent.


The AFT report was released August 27, just a day after a new study from the Economic Policy Institute showed that unions have had a substantial impact on the compensation and work lives of union and non-union workers alike.


This year's AFT Public Employees Compensation Survey reviewed 44 job titles from agricultural specialists to accountants in 46 states. It is posted online at this web address:

(From AFT Public Employee Reporter.)


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