Follow the action at NEA Rep. Assembly

The National Education Association's annual Representative Assembly wrapped up July 5.


Thousands of NEA members from across the nation, including several dozen MEA-MFT members, gathered in Chicago July 1-5 to set policy and direction for their national affiliate, NEA.


This year's RA was action packed, following as it did on the heels of unprecedented attacks on unions, teachers, and public employees.


Here are some RA highlights:

Delegates honor "Wisconsin 14."
The 14 Wisconsin state senators received NEA's Friend of Education Award for their decision to leave the state rather than vote for a bill that would weaken and possibly eliminate collective bargaining for Wisconsin public employees.  Read more 


Delegates re-elect NEA President Dennis Van Roekel and Vice President Lily Eskelsen. Read more

National Teacher of the Year says "Open doors to your classrooms." Read more


ESP of the Year delivers awe-inspiring speech. Read more


Delegates approve teacher evaluation and accountability policy statement. 
The statement focuses on what is best for students and the teaching profession.  It puts NEA on record, for the first time, as calling for a comprehensive overhaul of both teacher evaluation and accountability systems to advance student learning. Read more


Vice President Joe Biden "stands with NEA" to restore the American dream.
Biden told delegates that the current national debate is about a fundamental difference in vision for America. Read more.


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