Candidate & initiative recommendations

Election 2010 is all about the future: The future of public schools, public services, public employees, and the suvival of the middle class in Montana. In other words, YOUR future.


In Montana, every election, many legislative races are won or lost by 20 votes or less.  EVERY VOTE MATTERS!


Your fellow MEA-MFT members have interviewed the candidates, studied the voting records, reviewed the issues, and recommended candidates who will:

  • Support public education & public services.
  • Support public employees & their rights.
  • Support middle class families.


Find out by visiting the MEA-MFT members only section. You can also read recommendations on 2010 ballot initiatives. Click here and follow directions for logging in.





GOT QUESTIONS about where you vote, what your district numbers are, whether you're registered to vote, etc? Visit the Montana Secretary of State's web site: 


Who decides on the candidate recommendations?

For legislative candidates:
Local teams of MEA-MFT members personally interview legislative candidates. The local teams send their information to the 34 elected members of MEA-MFT COPE (Committee On Political Education). 

Statewide candidates are interviewed by COPE members directly. 

Based on the interviews, voting records, and candidate statements, COPE members recommend to you the candidates who support public schools and public services.


Your vote is your choice. MEA-MFT doesn’t tell you how to vote. Instead, we provide these recommendations for you to consider when deciding which candidates to support.

You'll find the candidate recommendations here.




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