Call to action: Reverse the cuts!

Apr 25 - Throughout the 2011 Legislature, MEA-MFT has been working with a great coalition of groups called the Partnership for Montana's Future.


The Partnership has been working to stop the legislature's senseless, needless budget cuts, helping organize the wildly successful Feb. 21 Courage not Cuts Rally and the April 1 No Fooling with our Future Rally.


Recently, the Partnership produced a radio spot that aired statewide two weeks. The spot urges Montanans to call their legislators at 406-444-4800 and tell them to "Reverse the Cuts!"


MEA-MFT members and others flooded legislators with messages to "reverse the cuts." 


Since then, legislative leadership and the governor hammered out and signed an agreement that does, indeed, reverse many of the budget cuts. Read more.


The deal still needs to be ratified by the legislature. Anything could happen.


Listen to the radio spot: 



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