Beware the Running on Empty tour

Aug 17 - This week, several communities in Montana will be attacked by one of the most ruthless anti-worker organizations in America: Americans for Prosperity.


Americans For Prosperity is a Washington D.C.-based, right-wing PAC (political action committee).  The organization is planning a series of “Running on Empty” demonstrations around Montana.


Here’s their schedule:


Billings - Wednesday, August 17th 6pm – 7:30pm, North Park on the corner of 6th Ave. and 19th Street

Bozeman – Thursday, August 18th Noon - 1pm, County Regional Park on the corner of Oak and Yellowstone

Helena – Thursday, August 18th  6pm – 7pm, State Capitol on Montana Ave. and 6th Ave.

Missoula – Friday, August 19th Noon – 1pm, Karl Tyler Chevrolet at 3663 Reserve Street

Kalispell – Friday, August 19th 6pm – 7:30pm, Depot Park at Main Street and Center Street


Americans for Prosperity is flooding Montana with phone calls, trying to turn people out to their demonstrations. Real Montana working people are fighting back. Read on to see how.


What you should know about Americans For Prosperity: This right-wing group’s top goals include:

  • reducing worker’s rights,
  • attacking public employees,
  • undermining public schools,
  • opposing union organizing,
  • supporting so-called "right-to-work" legislation,
  • electing radical Tea Party candidates,
  • increasing the wealth of the super rich and greedy,
  • and far worse.

Who's behind this right-wing group?
Major funding for Americans for Prosperity comes from the Koch Family Foundation and Koch Industries. The Koch brothers, David and Charles, and far-right wing, out-of-state, multi-billionaires who want to tell Montanans what to think.


The Kochs also supported Governor Scott Walker in his attack against Wisconsin workers and made the radical Tea Party a household name.


Among other egregious acts against the American people in the name of corporate wealth and power,  Americans for Prosperity recently sent phony ballots to Democratic voters in Wisconsin during the recall elections, with a return date that landed AFTER the election was over. 


This was a disgusting display of disregard and disrespect for voters, the electoral process, the majority rule, and human decency and morality.


The state director of the Montana Chapter of Americans for Prosperity is former state legislator Scott Sales (R), who was never a friend to working people.


Real Montanans fighting back:
The Montana AFL-CIO and many other groups are working to get real Montana folks to the “Running on Empty” to speak against the Kochs' radical agenda.


Here's the message: 

• Americans for Prosperity is a front group for the Koch brothers who are out-of-state multi-Billionaires trying to come here and tell Montana what to care about.

• Montana needs quality jobs with family wages and benefits like healthcare and defined benefit pensions for hard working people trying to raise families in big and small communities. Unions play an important role in this effort.


• Montana needs a quality public education system that is supported with the tools to succeed and excel. Our children and our economic future depend on it.

• Montana values our public employees and the important services they provide to our elderly, our children, and our small businesses. 

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